Bioe 108/208 Readings List

Winter 2012

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Students will lead discussions of these papers. A sample paper and accompanying discussion outline are provided to help you prepare for section.



Gaines, S.D, Roughgarden, J 1987 Fish in Offshore Kelp Forests Affect Recruitment to Intertidal Barnacle Populations Science 235 (4787) p 479-481

Guide to presenting papers

Week 2

Hutchinson, G.E. 1959 Homage to Santa Rosalia or Why are there so many kinds of animals? American Naturalist 93 (870) p 145 -159

Popper, K.R. 1961. The Logic of Scientific Discovery. Basic Books, Inc. NY. 544 pages

Quinn, J.F., Dunham, A.E. 1983 On Hypothesis Testing in Ecology and Evolution. American Naturalist 122 (5: A Roundtable of Research in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) p 602-617

Roughgarden, J. 1983 Competition and Theory in Community Ecology. American Naturalist 122 (5: A Roundtable of Research in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) p 583-601

Week 3

Paine, R.T. 1996 Food Web Complexity and Species Diveristy. American Naturalist 100 (910) p 65-75

Lively, C.M, Raimondi, P.T. 1987 Desiccation, Predation, and Mussel-Barnacle Interactions in the Northern Gulf of California. Oecologia 74 (2) p 304-309

Week 4

Connell, J.H. 1978 Diversity in Tropical Rain Forests and Coral Reefs. Science 199 (4335) p 1302-1310

Hughes, T.P. 1994 Catastrophes, Phase Shifts, and Large-scale Degradation of a Caribbean Coral Reef. Science 265 (5178) p 1547-1551

Week 5

Harvell, C.D. 1984 Predator-induced Defense in a Marine Bryozoan. Science 224 (4655) p 1357-1359

Warner, R.R. 1984 Mating Behavior and Hermaphroditism in Coral Reef Fishes. American Scientist 72 p 128-136

Week 6

Doherty, P.J. 1983 Tropical Territorial Damselfishes: Is Density Limited by Aggression or Recruitment? Ecology 64 (1) p 176-190

Gaines, S.D, Bertness, M.D. 1992 Dispersal of Juveniles and Variable Recruitment in Sessile Marine Species. Nature 360 (6404) p 579-580

Week 7

Ebert, T.A, Russell, M.P. 1998 Latitudinal Variation in Size Structure of the West Coast Purple Sea Urchin: A Correlation with Headlands. Limnology and Oceanography 33 (2) p 286-294

Keough, M.J, Downes, B.J. 1982 Recruitment of Marine Invertebrates: The Role of Active Larval Choices and Early Mortality. Oecologia 54 p 348-352

Week 8

Mapstone, B.D; Fowler, A.J. 1988 Recruitment and the Structure of Assemblages of Fish on Coral Reefs. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 3 (3) p 72-77

Warner, R.R, Chesson, P.L. 1985 Coexistence Mediated by Recruitment Fluctuations: A Field Guide to the Storage Effect. American Naturalist 125 (6) p 769-787

Week 9

Hixon, M.A, Carr, M.H. 1997 Synergistic Predation, Density Dependence, and Population Regulation in Marine Fish. Science 277 (5328) p 946-949

Sanford, E. 1999 Regulation of Keystone Predation by Small Changes in Ocean Temperature. Science 283 (5410) p 2095-2097