Biology 129 - Biology of Marine Mammals
Spring 2011

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Instructor: Dr. Daniel Costa
Office Hours: Tuesday 2:30-3:30 pm COH 208

Course Assistant: Luis Huckstadt
Office Hours: Monday 10:00-11:00 am COH 148B

Class Materials


REVIEW SESSION FOR FINAL - Wed June 8th 7-9pm - Classroom Unit 1


Class Syllabus (modified 3/31)

Term Paper Information

Term Paper Example

Information on How to Write a Scientific Paper


Cruise Information Sheet
Monday May 2nd Cruise
Wednesday May 4th Cruise
Saturday May 7th Cruise




Tuesday and Thursdays 10-11:45pm, Classroom Unit 1

Readings/ Handouts
March 29
Systematics of Cetaceans
Text 1-24; 51-82 Taxonomy, Local species list
March 31
Systematics of Pinnipeds and Other Marine Mammals Text 27-47; 89-107
April 5
Evolution of Cetaceans and Pinnipeds
Text 51-82 MM Evolution Handout
April 7
Foraging Behavior and Ecology Text 312-355
April 12
Oceanography and Ecology of Marine Mammals (Huckstadt) Text 111-119
April 14
Diving Physiology and Behavior Text 237-262; Reader 13-29
April 19
Thermoregulation, Keeping Warm in Cold Water
Text 213-223; Reader 8-16
April 21
Water balance: Do marine mammals get thirsty?
Text 229-232; Reader 17-22 
April 26
April 28
Locomotion and Hydrodynamics
Text 223-229;
May 3

Marine Mammals Acoustics
One paragraph outline and title of term paper due today!

Text 270-275; Reader 40-56
May 5 Cetacean Biosonar: Seeing without eyes Text 276-284, 288-305
May 10 Sensory Physiology Text 145-157
May 12 Cetacean Social Systems Text 363-407; Reader 35-39
May 17 Pinniped Social Systems Text 363-407; Reader 24-30
May 19 Life History Patterns: Foraging and Reproduction Text 363-407
May 24 MIDTERM 2

May 26

Marine Mammal Conservation: Historical Whaling

3 Page Term Paper on Specific Aspect of Marine Mammal Biology Due Today!

Text 456-466; Reader 57-60
May 31

Marine Mammal Conservation: Tuna/Dolphin

Whale Step 121 - Marine Mammal Vocalizations (played in class)


Text 466-472
June 2

Marine Mammal Conservation: Modern Issues

Text 472-484
Thurs June 9 FINAL EXAM 12:00-3:00 PM (Review Session 7-9pm Wed June 8th - Classroom Unit 1)



Note: the course and lab syllabi are subject to change

Last updated: June 7, 2011